Toyota’s Global Marketing Strategy: Innovation Through Breakthrough Thinking and Kaizen

Toyota’s Global Marketing Strategy: Innovation Through Breakthrough Thinking and Kaizen

There are many books on the market that discuss the Toyota Production System, but few that insightfully analyze its marketing strategy. Authored by former Toyota marketing executives, this is the first book of its kind to detail how Toyota’s thinking habits go beyond the shop floor and influence and guide Toyota’s marketing function.

Toyota has expanded from a venture enterprise to one of the biggest global enterprises because of its innovative mindset (Toyota thinking habits) using breakthrough thinking, which supports a new philosophical approach to problem solving, turning 180 degrees away from conventional thinking.

Written by Toyota’s former executive managing director and founder of Breakthrough Thinking, Toyota’s Global Marketing Strategy: Innovation through Breakthrough Thinking and Kaizen:

Explores Toyota’s "Breakthrough Thinking"

Examines how Toyota conducts information gathering.

Illustrates how Toyota builds and maintains its unique business culture

Shows how Toyota "goes to the customer" and comprehensively studies how customers use their products

Reveals Toyota’s cars have become some of the biggest-selling models in the USA

The authors of this book explore Toyota thinking habits as well as Toyota’s global marketing strategy, which, since the 1980s, has been expanding exponentially. The reader will understand the importance of thinking habits in the workplace and will know how to apply them, using Toyota as the prime case study.


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