Finite Capacity Scheduling: Management, Selection, and Implementation

Finite Capacity Scheduling: Management, Selection, and Implementation

"Even the best companies tend to be reactive because of poor scheduling. Often, their employees prefer being reactive because they are so used to operating in this mode. The shoot-from-the-hip approach is very common in American culture. The West was won with a six-shooter, and many shop floor managers continue to function in the shoot-from-the-hip mode. While there are some conditions that might benefit from the shoot-from-the-hip philosophy, modern competitive manufacturing is not one of them." 

From Finite Capacity Scheduling In this groundbreaking book, internationally recognized experts explain why obsolete scheduling methodologies may be preventing your company from achieving competitive levels of productivity and how today's powerful new finite capacity scheduling (FCS) technologies can transform it into a world-class competitor. 

The first comprehensive guide to understanding, choosing, implementing, and managing FCS technologies, Finite Capacity Scheduling:

Exposes the problems inherent to infinite capacity scheduling models

Explains why FCS is the key to modern competitive manufacturing

Shows how FCS maximizes resource use and cuts inventory costs

Proves that FCS is a natural complement to MRP, ERP, TQM, and JIT

Reviews current and emerging FCS technologies

Offers guidelines for choosing the best FCS system for your company

Describes how to integrate FCS seamlessly into your management structure

$40.00 hardcover

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