Finite Capacity Scheduling: Optimizing a Constrained Supply Chain

Finite Capacity Scheduling: Optimizing a Constrained Supply Chain

Finite Capacity Scheduling: Optimizing a Constrained Supply Chain" is a crucial resource that delves into a powerful tool for achieving excellence in enterprise and supply chain operations. This book guides readers on outperforming competitors by achieving the following objectives:

  • Reducing in-stock inventory and associated costs.
  • Minimizing logistics expenses.
  • Improving on-time delivery to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Mitigating stock-outs.
  • Enhancing Supply Chain and Enterprise scheduling and load balancing.

The primary focus of "Finite Capacity Scheduling" is on effectively scheduling and coordinating the demand for material, labor, and machine resources, aligning them with available capacity. The book emphasizes the identification of an executable balance between resource demand and availability while ensuring the seamless coordination of shipments with supply chain management systems. "Finite Capacity Scheduling" covers the scheduling of everything from HMLV systems and components to HVLM production items, with integration capabilities into enterprise-wide ERP systems.

Key highlights of the book include:

  • Demonstrating how Finite Capacity Scheduling optimizes scheduling options for resources like material, equipment, personnel, and tools that act as constraints on throughput.
  • Providing insights into seamlessly integrating Finite Capacity Scheduling and ERP within a single database.
  • Explaining the effective coordination of material and capacity resources through Finite Capacity Scheduling.
  • Highlighting how Finite Capacity Scheduling ensures feasible finite scheduling for material and capacity based on actual availability.
  • Offering support for interfacing ERP production with supply chain management systems.
  • Explaining the feasibility and flexibility provided by Finite Capacity Scheduling.

This comprehensive guide serves as a valuable resource for understanding, implementing, and managing material and capacity resources across the entire spectrum of production scheduling applications in supply chain management. It covers both complex High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) and simplistic High Volume Low Mix (HVLM) production environments.

$40.00 paperback

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